Monday, February 19, 2018

How to Catch a Cowboy in 10 Days - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Ann is headed to Montana to attend Cassie's ring ceremony. The fact that she's writing an article with the hope of getting noticed by a bgi publication is beside the fact. That the article is about how to get a guy to notice you might matter. Might. Trey is the quintessential cowboy who's loved and lost and has no real desire to get tangled up in a relationship. A weekend with a beautiful woman sounds just about right for him. No long term commitments means no heartache. 

Review: A loosely connected sequel to Cassie’s Cowboy Crave. You don’t need to have read her story, but if it’s been a while you might enjoy reading their story again. It’s a good one so you’ll be glad you did. 

Ann and Trey’s story is a sweet one. Maybe not my favorite of Krey’s books, but she’s a solid writer so it’s hard to go wrong, really. The story is fairly predictable. Ann waits too long to come clean, Trey finally falls in love again, they figure things out and get their HEA. So, everything you want in a light, easy, weekend romance.

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