Saturday, February 3, 2018

Check Me Out - Becca Wilhite

Synopsis: Greta is hoping to get a promotion in the small library she's working at. She has a best friend, Will, who sets her up with his cousin Mac. Mac is handsome and does and says and texts all the right things. But, Great begins to wonder why something doesn't seem right about their relationship. As she works to save her library from budget cuts, she also comes to realize Mac and Will may not be what they seem.

Review: A nicely written story. The love triangle is a little obvious but the resolution not so much. The plot thickens as Greta becomes a bit of an activist which lends some depth to the story. Will is a really great guy and you want him to win her heart. Greta is a darling heroine who manages to overcome several setbacks. Can't help but love Mac and his clever t-shirts and hope he gets his own HEA someday.

Amazon $12.79

I was given an ARC to review

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