Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Start of Us - Rachel John

Synopsis: After her roommate's untimely death, Corrie finds herself caring for her little girl for more than just an hour or two. She's okay with that since she's been more of a mother to Ella than anyone else. Trouble arises when Preston shows up to claim his niece. Corrie struggles with giving up the little girl to her handsome, almost-engaged uncle. Preston is pretty sure he needs to get married if he's going to be a good father figure to little Ella.  He's just not sure who exactly he should be marrying.

Review: This is a really refreshing take on the "we have to share a kid" genre. The presence of Preston's fiance lends a twist that keeps things interesting. It's hard to hate her when she's trying so hard to make it work. And, that, alone, keeps you guessing as to how this whole thing will play out. It's well done. The tension between the couple is so well written. Their civility and determination to make the sharing work is frustratingly engaging. You can't help but commend and respect them for trying SO hard. But, at the same time you want to shake them both silly. Rachel does a fabulous job of leading the reader on a merry dance through this couple's tale. 

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I was given an ARC to review

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