Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Sidelined Wife - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Recently divorced Samantha is trying to heal from her ex's cheating and near abandonment of their teen son. Meanwhile, Reed has recently been hired as the new high school football coach. He's her little brother's best friend and when was a major pain when she babysat them years ago. He's not quite the pain he used to be though. Quite the contrary, actually. Turns out he's had a crush on Samantha for years. 

Review: Reed is awesome. Such a worthy hero. He's patient and comfortable in his own skin. Samantha is conflicted and struggling but is strong and surrounded by a fabulous family. The cast of characters Peel has created add a richness to Reed and Samantha's story that make it a stay-up-way-too-late read. That said, while the romance and chemistry is rich, Samantha deals with lots of nasty divorce drama that makes this a heavier and emothional story than your usual sweet and easy romance.

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