Saturday, January 20, 2018

#Starstruck - Sariah Wilson

Synopsis: Zoe and her BFF Lexi have had a crush on superstar Chase since they were young girls. When Zoe manages to catch his attention with a Twitter tweet, she get far more than she bargained for. Chase is facinated with Zoe's refreshingly normal life and attitude about his fame. While Zoe is not about to tell him to take a hike, she's all too aware that this is surely a passing fancy for her larger-than-life teen idol.

Review: Chase is fantastic. It's not a stretch to fall in love with him. His tweets are swoon worthy and Zoe hardly stands a chance when he sets his sights on her. Their chemistry is perfect and Wilson gives the regular girl gets her chance with the big star theme a refreshing take. Zoe's adorable siblings and best friend add a delightful element to this fabulous YA romance.

That said, potential readers should be aware that there is some mild cursing that is unfortunate. Additionally, the main characters sleep in the same bed. While nothing intimate occurs, there is significant making out. There's plenty of justification given for waiting until marriage, however, the main characters engage in sufficiently risky activity so as to put this book on the edge of chaste.

Amazon $3.99

I was given an ARC copy to review.

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