Tuesday, January 30, 2018

All This Time - Melissa Tagg

Synopsis: Raegan has been in love with Bear forever. He's gone off to Brazil but that hasn't changed how she feels about him. Bear's plans for Brazil aren't panning out. He returns to help his brother's family only to find himself caring for his young nephew and niece. Told by his sister-in-law to get out of Atlanta for the sake of the kids' safety, he returns to Maple Valley. He soon finds himself surrounded by the Walker Family siblings and, most significantly, Raegan. He knows she likes him. He likes her too. But he's going back to Brazil. He doesn't need a relationship to complicate his life even more.

Review: The last installment of the Walker Family series doesn't disappoint. I've been waiting for Bear's story so long. It's been a treat to follow this family and to finally see Raegan and Bear get their HEA is really sweet. They've been longstanding characters in the series and watching Raegan pine for Bear has been heart wrenching. It's a satisfying ending to the tale.

There is a significant faith element to this story. While those who don't appreciate it in their romances may not enjoy it, I didn't find it to be overly preachy. So, if you don't mind a little more than a passing mention of church going or prayer, you'll not be bothered by the place faith plays in Bear and Raegan's story.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Start of Us - Rachel John

Synopsis: After her roommate's untimely death, Corrie finds herself caring for her little girl for more than just an hour or two. She's okay with that since she's been more of a mother to Ella than anyone else. Trouble arises when Preston shows up to claim his niece. Corrie struggles with giving up the little girl to her handsome, almost-engaged uncle. Preston is pretty sure he needs to get married if he's going to be a good father figure to little Ella.  He's just not sure who exactly he should be marrying.

Review: This is a really refreshing take on the "we have to share a kid" genre. The presence of Preston's fiance lends a twist that keeps things interesting. It's hard to hate her when she's trying so hard to make it work. And, that, alone, keeps you guessing as to how this whole thing will play out. It's well done. The tension between the couple is so well written. Their civility and determination to make the sharing work is frustratingly engaging. You can't help but commend and respect them for trying SO hard. But, at the same time you want to shake them both silly. Rachel does a fabulous job of leading the reader on a merry dance through this couple's tale. 

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I was given an ARC to review

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Sidelined Wife - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Recently divorced Samantha is trying to heal from her ex's cheating and near abandonment of their teen son. Meanwhile, Reed has recently been hired as the new high school football coach. He's her little brother's best friend and when was a major pain when she babysat them years ago. He's not quite the pain he used to be though. Quite the contrary, actually. Turns out he's had a crush on Samantha for years. 

Review: Reed is awesome. Such a worthy hero. He's patient and comfortable in his own skin. Samantha is conflicted and struggling but is strong and surrounded by a fabulous family. The cast of characters Peel has created add a richness to Reed and Samantha's story that make it a stay-up-way-too-late read. That said, while the romance and chemistry is rich, Samantha deals with lots of nasty divorce drama that makes this a heavier and emothional story than your usual sweet and easy romance.

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

#Starstruck - Sariah Wilson

Synopsis: Zoe and her BFF Lexi have had a crush on superstar Chase since they were young girls. When Zoe manages to catch his attention with a Twitter tweet, she get far more than she bargained for. Chase is facinated with Zoe's refreshingly normal life and attitude about his fame. While Zoe is not about to tell him to take a hike, she's all too aware that this is surely a passing fancy for her larger-than-life teen idol.

Review: Chase is fantastic. It's not a stretch to fall in love with him. His tweets are swoon worthy and Zoe hardly stands a chance when he sets his sights on her. Their chemistry is perfect and Wilson gives the regular girl gets her chance with the big star theme a refreshing take. Zoe's adorable siblings and best friend add a delightful element to this fabulous YA romance.

That said, potential readers should be aware that there is some mild cursing that is unfortunate. Additionally, the main characters sleep in the same bed. While nothing intimate occurs, there is significant making out. There's plenty of justification given for waiting until marriage, however, the main characters engage in sufficiently risky activity so as to put this book on the edge of chaste.

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I was given an ARC copy to review.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Stone Silence - Taylor Dean

Synopsis: Spencer gets left on the side of the road by a date-gone-wrong. She walks miles in the Texas heat to finally find a man building his house. Stony is living in a motorhome and keeps to himself. He's a vet and successfull real estate mogul who's not so thrilled to see a disheveled woman looking for help. Spencer isn't looking for anything more than a glass of water. She gets a whole lot more from the brooding amputee who begrudgingly comes to her rescue.

Review: Very well written. Taylor Dean has created an emotional tale where her characters are deep and unfold gradually to discover a mutual attraction and bond that keep you mesmerized. There are no grand fireworks or miscommunication. This is a refreshing change from the cliche romance where drama runs high and miscommunication and misunderstandings run rampant. There is some drama but it's not left to fester. These are straightforward, mature people whose chemistry keeps you reading late into the night. Not to be missed.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just the Essentials - Shari L. Tapscott

Synopsis: Kinsley is tasked with getting her grandparents' cabin cleaned up and repaired and ready to sell. She's an aspiring novelist and the only one in her family free to spend the summer in the remote Colorado mountains. She's recently broken up with her long term boyfriend and is somewhat welcome to getting away and getting to write. Jack is the area handiman and works with his parents at their lodge in above mentioned mountains. He's gorgeous. She's smitten. Super simple. Except that Jack has no intention of being a rebound.

Review: Fantastic. How have I never heard of Shari Tapscott? She's a fabulous writer. Love the dialogue. Love the couple. Love the banter. Love the natural flow of the story with all of its twists and turns. To be clear, this is not a life changing book. It is a romance. But, it's such a well written one you are ever so glad you read it. And once you have,you'll be hooked.  Check out her Glitter and Sparkle series next...

Amazon $2.99

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Once Hitched Twice Shy - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Popular vlog host Mia brings her show to her grandad's Montana Ranch. When she literally bumps into his brooding ranch hand at the airport it doesn't take a lot for her to realize he's one to stay away from. Only, she can't. He's handsome and, turns out, not such a bad guy afterall. Hunter is in no way interested in getting mixed up with another celebrity wannabe. His ex-wife has helped clear him of that fantasy. Turns out, though, that Mia is nothing like his ex and that is a problem.

Review: Gosh. Who could resist a Hero like Hunter? He's all cowboy and all sorts of grumpy. Mia is such a delightful heroine, that he's a goner in no time. Their chemistry is perfect. Krey has done a great job of penning a fresh and fun cowboy romance. She includes a great cast of supporting characters. There is a faith element that's not heavy but gives the story a fun twist and added bonus in the end. All in all, just what we've come to expect from Kimberly Krey. 

Amazon $2.99

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Lumberjack's Yuletide Bride - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Maddie is a first grade teacher who's had a crush on the hunky lumberjack/CEO of Big Daddy Mills since high school. Bear has been travelling extensively over the last 6 months and is ready to go home and settle down. Convincing Maddie to settle in with him would definitely be a bonus.

Review: A fun, quick read. Maddie is adorable. Not sure anyone would complain if she was their first grade teacher. Bear is strong, kind, gentle, and perfect. Not sure anyone would complain if he came a-courting. So, there's not a whole lot of mystery as to how this romance will play out. They're made for each other and figure it out pretty quickly. An easy, light read for when you've got a night to kick back and enjoy a charming couple and don't want to have to think too hard.

Amazon $2.99