Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holding the Fort - Regina Jennings

Synopsis: Louisa's career as a saloon singer has abruptly ended. Her brother is serving in the calvalry in Fort Reno and getting into a heap of trouble. She decides to kill two birds with one stone and head there to look for a new job and keep her brother in line. Major Adams has two daughters in desperate need of a governess and sending for a Mennonite woman to take them in hand seems like a good idea. When Louisa turns up on his doorstep with a crate load of books, neither of them is entirely sure what they've gotten himself into. 

Review: Such a fun read. I only wish I had put in on the top of my TBR pile. Jennings is a talented writer and it comes out in spades in this first book of her new series. Louisa is an enchanting heroine with so much at stake. Her good heart and good intentions can't help but endear you to her. Major Adams is a fabulous hero. A devoted father who's just trying to do right by his daughters and give this questionable new governess the shadow of a doubt. Their relationship is wonderful and so rewarding. There are definitely some historical inaccuracies so if you're looking for by-the-book historical fiction, you won't find it here but those aside, the story is so well written and a delight to read. Sure to keep you up far later than you intended. Don't miss this one.

Amazon $9.99

I received an ARC to review

Monday, December 4, 2017

Hometown Girl - Courtney Walsh

Synopsis: Courtney's sister has bought a farm and has convinced her to help her restore it to its former glory.  Courtney just wants to get out of their small town and make a name for herself. Drew's returned to Fairwind Farm to try to find closure on a tragedy that happened 20 years earlier. Neither He nor Courtney has any intention of staying nor do they plan to get tangled up in a relationship.

Review: More Christian fiction that romance, this tale also involves a quasi mystery. It's a well written story of redemption and finding peace through their faith. Courtney and Drew make a satisfying couple and it's great when they finally figure things out. The story, however, does not necessarily revolve around their relationship so if you read strictly romance, this may not be your favorite read. It is, a good story, though. So I woulnd't pass it up just because of that. No heavy doctrine but there is significant discussion about prayer and reliance on God. Courtney's sister and best friend along with a few others round out the book with a engaging cast of characters.

Amazon $1.99

I received an ARC for review