Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Trouble With Billionaires - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Charlotte has moved into the home her late grandmother has left her. She and her young son are making a go of it and managing until she can get her hair salon up and running. Her ex-husband has left her avoiding men with money. Trouble comes in the form of her son's t-ball coach. Turns out, Nate is a lethal combination of rich, handsome, and awfully nice.

Review: Nate is such an all-around good guy that it's really hard to figure out how he's managed to stay single so long. Charlotte is awfully hard on him. I love the contract she makes him sign and I love his many ways of working around it. He's definitely a worthy Hero who isn't easily thwarted. The cast of female characters Charlotte meets in her new town are a bonus. Pennington has definitely caught the Southern spirit in these women and you love them immediately - warts and all. This is a fun couple to spend time with, you''l be glad you did.

I received an ARC to review.

Amazon $2.99

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