Friday, October 20, 2017

Unspoken Words: a Romance Compilation

I was given an ARC to review

Synopsis: Fourteen short stories written by writers who are members of LDS Beta Readers including: Jenny Flake Rabe, Victorine Lieske, and Michelle Pennington.

Review: All good stories. Some are perhaps more likely written by less experienced writers but they're all enjoyable reads. Many are very good and that's not surprising given who wrote them. Only one makes passing reference to an LDS mission and a temple as a wedding venue. Otherwise, all are just good clean romances.

As a reader, short stories can be frustrating because you want deeper characters, more back story, and a more complicated plot. Not being a writer, I can imagine, though, that getting as much in as these authors have managed, in so few words, is fairly remarkable and they're to be commended for their accomplishments. Some of them do an amazing job of telling their story without compromising too much in any one area.

A word of caution: As short stories, they are, by definition, a quick read. Since each one of them takes you through all of the normal highs and lows of traditional romance stories, if you read too many of them at once, you can start feeling like you're riding an emotional rollercoaster.  Whew. A testament to the skill of this great group of writers. Take my advice and enjoy just a few at time. You'll be glad you did.

Amazon Pre-Order: $3.99

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