Monday, October 2, 2017

Mine for a Day - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Violet might have known her life was about to change when she accidently runs into the same handsome guy twice in just a few days. He's handsome and kind but she's sure he'd never look twice at her.  Sure enough, Jackson has a girlfriend. But, turns out, Jackson's girlfriend and her wallflower tendencies, may not be Violet's biggest obstacle to winning Jackson's heart.

Review: It's fun to read Violet's story.  She's an adorable, wonderful young woman who you just want to see get her HEA. She's steady and, although she's not gotten the best sense of self worth, she's got her life together and is doing just fine.  Jackson is a great Hero. He's not perfect and has issues to work through. But his reaction to Violet is real and believable.  He doesn't fall for her istantly but slowly learns to trust her and want more with her. They're definitely a couple you want to root for.


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