Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Honeymoon for One in Christmas Falls - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Hoping to be promoted in the new year, Piper is especially concerned about doing her job well. Jace shows up at the resort where she works drunk, alone, and demanding to be moved from the honeymoon suite he obviously isn't needing. His two weeks there are not proving to be a big help with Piper's promotion, nor with her determination to stay away from rich, handsome men who have been nothing but trouble for her. A sober Jace isn't so sure being ditched at the alter is going to turn out to be as bad as it originally seemed.

Review: You can almost assume that any book written by Jennifer Peel is going to be great. This one holds to her standards. Piper is a hard working single mom who has believable concerns and doesn't fall too easily for Jace. He is a confident Hero without the ego. I love that he's such a gentleman without being contrived. I love his respect for Piper's abilities. He is determined to get her attention but he does it by enabling her and empowering her. They are a good couple with good chemistry and it's easy to want them to figure it all out.

This book is part of a stand-alone book series.  Not having read any of the others yet, I can only assume that the characters and friends Piper encouters along the way are from other stories. While not blatant, they feel, at times, like product placement rather than essential plot points. There's also ongoing reference to some pageant and perfomance by the friends that never happens in this book. The story doesn't really suffer for it, but it's not typical of Peel.

It's a satisfying read and is undoubtedly a solid contribution to the series. 

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