Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Christmas at Carnton - Tamera Alexander

Synopsis: Set in Civil War Tennessee, recent widow Aletta Prescott is struggling to support herself and young son. At seven months pregnant, the news that she is losing her factory job and will soon foreclosed upon, leaves her with few options. Recently wounded Captain Jake  Winston is being sent off to Carnton Plantation to help support the Women's Relief Society's upcoming auction. He's determined to get through the month and return to active duty. He didn't expect to find an enchanting woman and her rascal of a son getting in the way of his plans.

Review: I once read that Civil War stories don't sell. Clearly, they weren't trying to sell Tamera's books. Her ability to bring a sorrowful, challenging time to life is remarkable. Her stories are rich in historic detail and full of wonderful characters that give them depth and context. Aletta is a strong heroine who does all that she can to face her problems head on. Her faith and confidence in a power greater than her, is inspiring. Jake is a worthy Hero and one can't help but hope he can win the new widow over - even if she's only been one for a few months. 

I was given an ARC copy for review.

Amazon $7.99

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