Friday, September 15, 2017

Worth the Fall - Bria Quinlan

Synopsis: Kasey loses her job.  Gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend and finds herself homeless in the process. Wandering into the Brew Ha Hs coffee shop finds her meeting a slew of new friends and a new place to live. Max finds himself embroiled in her mishaps and falling for her at the same time. Can any good come from that? He's not so sure.

Review: I'm torn about whether reviewing this one breaks my review rules. It's totally clean and the main characters are completely chaste.  The problem comes in the general view of premarital intimacy amongst the group of friends. None of them seem to think it at all wrong to be moving in with each other, for example.  That said, this is a fun story with characteristic Brian Quinlan antics. Characters are multi-layered and real even while they may be facing over-the-top circumstances.  Kasey is fabulous.  Max is perfect. Their struggle is real! lol If you ignore the liberal views on intimacy, this is a really fun series. There is an occassional mild cuss as well.  If that matters a lot to you.  This is book 2 in the series.

Book 2

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