Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To Wager Her Heart - Tamera Alexander

Synopsis: Alexandra lives in 1870's post-war Nashville. Threatened with an unwanted marriage she instead takes a position teaching at a freedmen's college. The challenges and sacrifices she makes are not inconsequential but the fulfillment she feels in doing something more important than herself may just outweigh them.  Sy comes to Nashville to secure a contract for his small railroad and to vindicate his father's name. The train crash that killed both Alexandra's fiance and his own father a year earlier looms large.  As Sy falls for Alexandra, proving his father's innocence becomes essential in winning her heart.

Review: Tamera doesn't just write a story.  She weaves a tale so engaging and mesmerizing, it's nearly impossible to put the book down. After reading her books, you always want to be better, stronger, kinder, gentler, more long suffering, and forgiving. This story is no different.  Her characters are vibrant and the storyline rich. How does she manage to make you feel like you can hear those Jubilee Singers just by reading her words?! She has an incredibe ability to transport you to the train station, Fisk, and Belle Meade itself. This is a moving tale of post-war Nashville rather than merely a love story. Though the romance beautifully interwoven, it is only just a morsel of what this book has to offer. Alexandra is a wonderful heroine. Sy is the perfect Hero - his only fault being that his father was driving the No 1 that fateful day. I might have liked a proposal scene. I found myself a little disappointed there wasn't one. But otherwise, this book is so satisfying you can't but feel privileged to have read it.

Because the Jubilee Singers and Fisk College are an integral part of this story, readers should not be surprised to find that it is heavier in Christian doctrine than some of Tamera's other books. While critical to the plot, the passages are significant.  So if heavy doses of religion aren't your bag, you may end up skimming a bit.

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