Monday, September 25, 2017

The Sherrif's Bride - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Trent is the new sherrif and town. Jessie is the resident and much loved owner of the Cobble Creek's B&B. Both have sworn off marriage. Both are doomed from their very first fight.

Review: Kimberly Krey is such a solid writer that's it's pretty much a given her books are going to get a high recommendation. Her characters are always well developed, the dialogue and chemistry spot on, and the supporting characters and setting an added bonus. Jessie and Trent are broken and dealing with their own skeletons. Neither is looking for a relationship but the chemistry Krey develops between them is unmistakable and powerful. I don't love non-communication as a roadblock to relationships but the story is so engaging, you can't give up on them just for that.

This is a part of a series by several authors set in the same small town of Cobble Creek. One can't help but hope that maybe Jessie's friend, and favorite cause, Sheila is included in one of the other books...

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