Thursday, September 21, 2017

One Woman's Heart - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Holly is coming off a bad relationship and finds herself becoming friends with her new neighbor.  Devon has been married before (twice) and is years older than the pretty young woman next door. He might be what everyone else thinks is the town's most eligible bachelor, but he's hardly feeling like a catch to the girl he's been crushing on for the last few months.

Review: This is a fantastic addition to the series. Holly is a lovely young woman with a very real challenge ahead of her. Devon is a fabulous hero.  Older, thoughtful, capable, handsome, unsure, but also completely smitten. Secondary characters from previous books as well as Devon's mom and son round out the story. It flows well, is believable; No huge drama or boogie man;  No massive misunderstanding or lack of communication.  Just a sweet story about two people admitting they're in love. A stand alone book - you needn't read the earlier books to completely enjoy this one - and you will!

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