Wednesday, September 27, 2017

To Wager Her Heart - Tamera Alexander

Synopsis: Alexandra lives in 1870's post-war Nashville. Threatened with an unwanted marriage she instead takes a position teaching at a freedmen's college. The challenges and sacrifices she makes are not inconsequential but the fulfillment she feels in doing something more important than herself may just outweigh them.  Sy comes to Nashville to secure a contract for his small railroad and to vindicate his father's name. The train crash that killed both Alexandra's fiance and his own father a year earlier looms large.  As Sy falls for Alexandra, proving his father's innocence becomes essential in winning her heart.

Review: Tamera doesn't just write a story.  She weaves a tale so engaging and mesmerizing, it's nearly impossible to put the book down. After reading her books, you always want to be better, stronger, kinder, gentler, more long suffering, and forgiving. This story is no different.  Her characters are vibrant and the storyline rich. How does she manage to make you feel like you can hear those Jubilee Singers just by reading her words?! She has an incredibe ability to transport you to the train station, Fisk, and Belle Meade itself. This is a moving tale of post-war Nashville rather than merely a love story. Though the romance beautifully interwoven, it is only just a morsel of what this book has to offer. Alexandra is a wonderful heroine. Sy is the perfect Hero - his only fault being that his father was driving the No 1 that fateful day. I might have liked a proposal scene. I found myself a little disappointed there wasn't one. But otherwise, this book is so satisfying you can't but feel privileged to have read it.

Because the Jubilee Singers and Fisk College are an integral part of this story, readers should not be surprised to find that it is heavier in Christian doctrine than some of Tamera's other books. While critical to the plot, the passages are significant.  So if heavy doses of religion aren't your bag, you may end up skimming a bit.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

The Sherrif's Bride - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Trent is the new sherrif and town. Jessie is the resident and much loved owner of the Cobble Creek's B&B. Both have sworn off marriage. Both are doomed from their very first fight.

Review: Kimberly Krey is such a solid writer that's it's pretty much a given her books are going to get a high recommendation. Her characters are always well developed, the dialogue and chemistry spot on, and the supporting characters and setting an added bonus. Jessie and Trent are broken and dealing with their own skeletons. Neither is looking for a relationship but the chemistry Krey develops between them is unmistakable and powerful. I don't love non-communication as a roadblock to relationships but the story is so engaging, you can't give up on them just for that.

This is a part of a series by several authors set in the same small town of Cobble Creek. One can't help but hope that maybe Jessie's friend, and favorite cause, Sheila is included in one of the other books...

Amazon $2.99

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One Woman's Heart - Delaney Cameron

Synopsis: Holly is coming off a bad relationship and finds herself becoming friends with her new neighbor.  Devon has been married before (twice) and is years older than the pretty young woman next door. He might be what everyone else thinks is the town's most eligible bachelor, but he's hardly feeling like a catch to the girl he's been crushing on for the last few months.

Review: This is a fantastic addition to the series. Holly is a lovely young woman with a very real challenge ahead of her. Devon is a fabulous hero.  Older, thoughtful, capable, handsome, unsure, but also completely smitten. Secondary characters from previous books as well as Devon's mom and son round out the story. It flows well, is believable; No huge drama or boogie man;  No massive misunderstanding or lack of communication.  Just a sweet story about two people admitting they're in love. A stand alone book - you needn't read the earlier books to completely enjoy this one - and you will!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Calming the Storm - Melanie Snitker

Synopsis: Rachel has to drop out of school to care for her recently orphaned niece. Brandon, her professor, becomes concerned when he learns about her situation and wants to help. He's falling for her but she's having a hard time accepting that she's not going to be abandoned once again.

Review: There's not a ton of passion or drama in this sweet romance.  Rather, it's a slow progression as Rachel comes to trust Brandon.  Her past has left her skeptical and unsure of building relationships with others.  Snitker does a good job of developing her characters and the story.  Brandon and his family are steady and loving and it's not hard to see and believe that Rachel will soon come to accept that she can be loved. There is quite a bit of praying, and reliance on God is a a central theme.  This is not a light romance but it's not heavy and overbearing either.  It's a lovely story of two people learning to trust God and love each other rather than all of the drama that comes in a fast paced, passionate love story.

Amazon $2.99

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Heart on the Line - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Grace has been living with the ladies of Harper's Station and working as a telegraph operator while she hides out from the man who's killed her father. Over that time she's struck up a friendship with Amos, an operator in a nearby town. When her whereabouts is discovered, Grace knows she can't put the Ladies of Harper's Station at risk.  Amos decides to take a risk and travel to meet this mystery operator in person only to find when he gets to her, that her life is in danger and she's in no position to develop a relationship with him.

Review: This is a solid addition to the Harper Station series.  Witemeyer is a solid writer and so fun to read.  Her characters are delightful and the mishaps and challenges unique and engaging. It's always nice to meet up with characters from previous books and get to know them just a little better.  Definitely need to read book 1 first to get the richness of the setting and characters who figure prominently again in Grace and Amos' story.  They're a delightful couple and Amos is a worthy Hero.

Book 2

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Book 1

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Worth the Fall - Bria Quinlan

Synopsis: Kasey loses her job.  Gets dumped by her long-time boyfriend and finds herself homeless in the process. Wandering into the Brew Ha Hs coffee shop finds her meeting a slew of new friends and a new place to live. Max finds himself embroiled in her mishaps and falling for her at the same time. Can any good come from that? He's not so sure.

Review: I'm torn about whether reviewing this one breaks my review rules. It's totally clean and the main characters are completely chaste.  The problem comes in the general view of premarital intimacy amongst the group of friends. None of them seem to think it at all wrong to be moving in with each other, for example.  That said, this is a fun story with characteristic Brian Quinlan antics. Characters are multi-layered and real even while they may be facing over-the-top circumstances.  Kasey is fabulous.  Max is perfect. Their struggle is real! lol If you ignore the liberal views on intimacy, this is a really fun series. There is an occassional mild cuss as well.  If that matters a lot to you.  This is book 2 in the series.

Book 2

Amazon $4.99

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

My Unexpected Hope - Tammy L. Gray

Synopsis: The second in the series.  Laila is trying to move forward after finally divorcing her addict husband.  She's got a new boyfriend and plans to move to a new home in the next town over.  Chad has been clean for months and is getting ready to get his wife back. 

Review: Gritty and complicated, this second book is incredibly moving.  Laila is working hard to pick up the pieces and move on without the love of her life. Chad is vulnerable and not entirely stable.  Gray never sugar coats her characters.  They're raw and honest and real. This is a heavy read but incredibly satisfying in its candid look at life as and with an addict. You definitely need to read the first book in the series before tackling this one.  It's equality excellent and you'll be glad you read them both.

On Sale: $1.99 (reg $3.99)

Book 1

Amazon: $3.99

Statistically Improbable - Jennifer Peel

Synopsis: Meg and Zander work for the same matchmaking agency.  He's a playboy.  She's got a crush on him. He needs a fake girlfriend to keep the women at bay. He figures she's a safe choice.  

Review: Zander played a prominent role in book 1 of this series.  I didn't particularly love him in it so I dragged my feet about reading this one.  But, I love Jennifer Peel's books so I couldn't not read it.  Zander is a whole new man in his own story. He's completely blindsided by a Meg who he totally underestimated. She's strong, confident and not at all ready to put up with his shenanigans.  It's a fabulous story with a great hero and heroine. Don't miss it.

If you haven't already read his Personal Relationship Manager, read it first.  It's equally fabulous.

Amazon: $3.99

Book 1

Amazon: $3.99

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sweet September Deals

We love a great clean romance and we love a great deal on a great clean romance just as much.  Here are some sweet deals on some fabulous authors. Don't wait.  They won't be on sale forever.  Get them today!

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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Acting Married - Victorine Lieske

Synopsis: Tara is a single mom working as a maid to support herself and her young daughter. Rick Shade needs to clean up his act or his days as a Hollywood heartthrob will soon be over. The obvious solution is a fake marriage to the new maid. With a huge legal bill from her divorce, Tara finally gives in and agrees to Rick's solution to both of their troubles. Things start to get complicated when both of them start to wonder if they really want to walk away when their year is done.

Review: This is a solid addition to Lieske's "The Married" series.  The characters are all strong and likeable.  It's easy to start rooting for Tara and Rick.  Little Kylee is a sweet addition to their adventure together. No big surprises but some engaging twists and turns to their marriage of convenience scheme. Satisfying ending that makes you really glad you spent a few hours with this endearing couple.

Amazon: $0.99


Here's a sweet deal.  Win 50+ books.  Not all of them are clean but enough of them are to make it worth your while to enter.  That Book Rocks is giving them away but you need to enter before September 30th.

Before It's Love - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Lauren follows a boy to Arkansas to attend college. She quickly discovers all is not as she thought it would be.  Multiple love triangles between roommates and neighbors lead to things going south fast. Jake lives across the street and thinks being a friend to Lauren will work out just fine.  Only, it doesn't and they soon discover they are in the middle of a real mess.

Review: This is a cute YA novel. Lauren and Jake are both strong characters and their chemistry works. The romance has a natural progression. There aren't any huge, insurmountable roadblocks to keep them apart but there are some challenges that they learn to work out together. Jake's grandmother is a fabulous character who brings a bit of wisdom to the chaos.  A good clean read appropriate for teens and adults.

Amazon Kindle Edition: $0.99