Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Now Then and Always - Melissa Tagg

Synopsis: When the owner of the Bed and Breakfast Mara's been living, doesn't return from vacation, Mara starts to worry. Finding a foreclosure notice doesn't help the situation. With help from the town, she secures financing to secure the mortgage and start renovating the old home. When Marshall shows up one stormy night, she's not sure what to think. They're two people with a whole of lot secrets, a mystery to solve, and a house to renovate. Falling for each other is not on their lists.

Review: Part mystery, part romance, this off-shoot of the Walker Family series, is a good start to Tagg's newest series. Mara and Marshall are nice people who have a lot of healing to do. It's satisfying to see them working together to get themselves in a good place. The romance is sweet and the chemistry just right. The mystery has enough twists and turns to keep things interesting. A cast of new friends and ties to Maple Valley (from the Walker Family series) promise a great series to follow. Nice clean read. Strong faith elements.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Vexatious Widow - Michelle Pennington

Synospsis: Joanna Thorne is happily widowed and has no future plans to change her situation. She has a comfortable fortune and takes no pleasure in fending off fortune hunters. And so she finds herself looking forward to enjoying her eccentric friend's house party in her old neighbourhood. Lord Tyndale is a confirmed batchelor and determined to keep his niece from being wooed by a ne'er-do-well with an eye on her inheritance. And he finds himself at the same house party playing watchdog. When Mrs. Thorne discovers his plight, she is more than happy to lend her expertise in the matter. She,of course, has no intentions of falling for him and he, of course, has no plans to fall for her. It's the perfect arrangement. So they think.

Review: Joanna, despite her unfortunate marriage, has managed to come out on the right side of things and is an optimistic, confident heroine. Lord Tyndale is a worthy hero with a confident, strong exterior and a soft middle nobody knew existed. They have good chemistry and it's enjoyable to be party to their conversation. Despite his misgivings, he's smart enough to pursue his feelings and she's just weak enough to consider hers. Regencies are a tricky genre given the high bar set by Heyer, but Pennington does a nice job of it in her own way. A good clean read.

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Before We Say Goodbye - Michelle Pennington

Synopsis: Katie's just graduated high school and never been kissed and her best friend is determined to remedy that situation. But Katies's had a secret crush on her Sadie's older brother forever. As luck would have it, Sadie has no patience for the girls her brother dates. But that doesn't mean Tate hasn't noticed Katie's not the girl she used to be. Despite his sister's misgivings, he might just be the guy to help Katie out afterall.

Review: A really cute YA romance. Katie is so cute and Tate is such a dream. It's fun to watch them navigate around their families and friends while they sort out their relationship. Tate's confidence is swoon worthy. Love Katie's open relationship with her mother. A good clean read.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

27 Ways to Find a Boyfriend - Shari L. Tapscott

Synopsis: Addison has had a crush her best friend's older brother for years. Carter works for Addison's dad and knows the number one rule is that she's completely off limits. When Jessa gives Addison a list of things to try to revive her dismal dating life, she may or may not have had a plan to finally get her brother to kick into gear.

Review: Addison's list is silly and she knows it. But her willingness to go out on a limb is a testament to her determination to get someone's attention. Carter's determination to have her get his, makes their story a delight. They're awesome at dancing around each other and avoiding her father's wrath. It's super fun to journey to their HEA with them. Friends, family, and co-workers round out the cast to make this a really fun story. As expected, Tapscott has come up with another fabulous read. Nice and clean.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chemistry of a Kiss - Kimberly Krey

Synopsis: Harper's had a crush on Jett since kindergarten when she tackled him and kissed him. She hasn't lived it down since. Getting paired up with him to do a project on kissing isn't helping her any either. Jett thinks it's all sort of cute and is happy to get her help to make each of their recent exe's just a little jealous.

Review: Maybe my favorite in this series so far. Jett is just such a cute guy and his confidence and regard for Harper are just a little swoony. Harper's crazy teen angst is equally endearing as she figures out her feelings for Jett. They make an adorable couple. A nice clean YA read without some of the concerns some of the earlier books in the series featured.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer

Synopsis: Zach's enjoying the freedom he's finally gotten now that his younger siblings are married and has no intention of saddling himself with a wife and family anytime soon. Abigail didn't have any intentions of getting saddled with a husband either. But when the town council forces her hand and gives her little choice but to convince someone to marry her so she can keep her bakery, she's prepared to do what needs to be done. A marriage contract is exactly the thing to protect both she and her future husband from any more commitment than is absolutely necessary. 

Review: Who wouldn't fall for the woman who makes your sticky buns every morning? It's a wonder Zach wasn't already begging Abigail to marry him! Such a cute couple. Karen Witemeyer has created a really fun series and this installment is a fabulous addition. Zach was a fabulous brother and he's turned out to be an even better husband. Can't even imagine what a great father he'll be! Abigail and Zach really do make a solid couple and it's really sweet to watch them work together to figure out the challenges they face and to see them realize how perfect they are together. Fun to see Zach's siblings and to see they're doing well. An all around great clean read.

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A Kiss at Midsummer - Meg Easton

Synopsis: Merit is a workaholic with a business partner who's a little too concerned about his welfare for Merit's liking. Pressured into a month-long vacation to get his priorities straight, he's headed to the Royal Palm to do his time so he can get back to work. Elise is the activities director and thrilled at the bonus she's determined to earn if she can get Merit to date enough while under her watch. She's looking forward to buying back her childhood home and finding some balance in her own life.

Review: A nice addition to the Royal Palm series. Both Merit and Elise are great people who get along well and don't thrive on personal drama. It's fun to watch them get to know and fall for each other. They do a good job of working out their challenges and finding their HEA. The Royal Palm is turning out to be a super fun place. One can't but look forward to reading more about the other charters we meet along the way. A good clean light romance.

Amazon: $.99

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